Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Representation Helps You Get Your Life Back On Track

If you’ve been injured in an accident, from a dog bite or slip-and-fall incident, or another kind of incident, you’ve probably got an intimidating stack of bills and insurance paperwork, a lot of missed work time, and more questions than answers. How are you supposed to make your life whole and normal again? The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright can help you find your way through this confusing process and get you all the compensation you’re entitled to.

  • Actual Damages – When you win your personal injury case, you’re entitled to compensation for all of the things that cost you money as a results of the incident: medical bills, ambulance transportation, vehicle or property damage, lost work time, and legal expenses, for starters.
  • Punitive Damages – In some cases, if the person or business who caused your injury is found to have been negligent or it’s determined that they intentionally caused your injury, you may also be entitled to punitive damages, which are a court’s way of punishing the wrong-doer by making them pay money above your actual damages for your pain, suffering and emotional damage.
  • Loss Of Future Earnings – If your injuries leave you unable to work permanently or long term, or unable to earn as much as you did before you were injured, you may be also able to claim compensation for the loss of your future earnings.

How Does Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney Help?

If the world were fair and everyone did the right thing, you wouldn’t need a personal injury attorney to represent your interests and keep you from being harassed, misled, or short-changed by insurance companies who want to settle your claim as cheaply as possible. In the real world, though, making a successful personal injury claim takes a lot of specialized knowledge and experience.

Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

When we work on a case, we examine every aspect of the incident and the impact on the victim’s life and well being to determine what actions to take in protecting our client’s best interest. We’ll identify all of the liable parties, make sure that you get a realistic medical evaluation and accurate evaluation of your current costs and future losses resulting from the incident. We will review and investigate all of the paperwork, from any police reports to insurance documents like the adjustor’s report and any valuations or settlement offers, medical records and bills – anything and everything that might affect your ability to win a judgment that appropriately compensates you for all of the consequences on your life.

You’ve Been Through Enough. Let Us Stand Up For You

When you suffer an injury, it’s a frightening time. In addition to be hurt, you’ve got doctors filling your mind with way too much information and insurance companies hounding you to get you to sign off on a settlement right now. You don’t know yet whether you’re going to heal completely or if you’ll have health problems that will limit you in the future. If you’ve been injured in a vehicle or pedestrian accident, by a dog bite or a slip-and-fall in at the mall, or any other incident, contact the Law Offices of Kevin Cortright for a free consultation. We’ll help you sort it all out and tell you whether you’ve got a case for claiming compensation.