Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

At the Law Offices of Kevin Cortright I focuses a significant amount of resources on handling client’s Chapter 13 Bankruptcy related needs. As a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney I am well versed in all aspects of bankruptcy, including handling Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for business and individuals, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for individuals.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Benefits of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is designed for average to high income individuals. Using a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney can provide immediate relief from financial stresses including;

  • Creditor Phone Calls
  • Collection Attempts
  • Foreclosures
  • Car Repossessions
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Civil Lawsuits

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Stop Creditor Phone Calls

If your phone rings from morning till night with annoying creditors calling, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can put an immediate stop to the calls. The Automatic Bankruptcy Stay will prohibit any creditors from calling you or even sending you a bill.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Stops Collection Attempts

If creditors are attempting to collect on judgments, a A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will stop those attempts as soon as it is filed. Creditors will not be able to dip their hands into your bank account, your remaining assets will be safe.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Stops Foreclosures

Filing Bankruptcy can put a stop to a pending foreclosure sale. While filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will temporarily stop the sale it will not provide permanent relief. To obtain permanent relief and save your home you will need to explore a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. But if your goal is merely to delay the foreclosure sale then a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a good vehicle to accomplish a postponement.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Stops Wage Garnishments

If a creditor is attempting to garnish your wages, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can stop it from happening, or put a stop to a garnishment that has already occurred. Immediately after filing your Bankruptcy we will provide you and your employer with the required documents to stop the garnishment.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Stops Civil Lawsuits

If you are being sued in the civil courts it is often a costly and loosing battle. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can put a hold on the proceedings and give you the time to eliminate the debt all together.

Call or Email Today for a Free Consultation with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Using a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney can put an immediate and permanent stop to your financial stresses. You can regain control of your financial future. It is common for our clients to have misconceptions regarding Bankruptcy when they come into our offices. Bankruptcy is not something to fear, it can be your legal financial bailout. Take the time to read more information regarding bankruptcy on the pages of our website, then call and schedule a free consultation with one of our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys.

At my office you will actually meet with an Attorney, not a paralegal or a law student. Your decision to file bankruptcy is a serious one and we will give it our serious attention. So when you schedule your free consultation you can be assured you will meet with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney, experienced in all aspects of bankruptcy.

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